The start of a fresh summer journey…

I was out and about in Toronto with my sister and cousin exploring new places to eat when we came upon “SUSHI 67”, located at 67 Roncesvalles Avenue. The sushi there was absolutely delicious. I have tried hundreds of sushi stores before, however this has to be the most unique one of them all. The selection of the sushi on their menu was not the usual, consisting of my favourite item on their menu, the “Chipotle Chicken Roll”. The service there was awesome. We came in and they offered the yummiest tea I had ever tasted. I believe it was David’s Tea, Vanilla Oolong. The shop was a comfortable small size to eat with a group of 3 friends. (We were a group of three and we took all the space in the front seating area) Total we spent a little over $50 for 4 items on their menu which is a bit pricey compared to other sushi places I have been to in Toronto. I also forgot to mention to them that I had an allergy to shrimp and I ordered their “Scallop Pot Pie Roll’ (Yes, it is weird that I am allergic to shrimp but not scallop). Anyway they were so nice they made another batch without the shrimps. 😀 – Cheers.



Photographs taken by Ba Phong Lam.


3 thoughts on “The start of a fresh summer journey…

    • Thank you. The photographs were taken by my cousin, Ba Phong Lam. He says thank you from Germany. He uses a Canon 7D with 17-55 mm F2.8 lenses. Your photographs of food and recipes make me hungry. 🙂

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